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Store & Bickel have been one of the first companies in this field and have gathered a lot of consumer insights within the past 20 years. The founders of the company, Markus and Jürgen shared the mindset of our customers and understood what separates a good device from a not-so-good one. They have always been the first “customers” to try newly developed devices and judge their performance – and they have always had high standards.

Their guiding principle has always been to put the quality and functionality of the devices first. An S&B device is built to last and, more importantly, to satisfy. 

For them, it’s all about the overall experience, from the comfort of a low draw resistance and the quality and purity of the clouds to an intuitive use and easy cleaning. Their products must deliver in every aspect and they don’t accept compromises.  

Their first device, the VOLCANO CLASSIC has been on the market for 20 years and is still considered one of the best performers. Their portable devices, the MIGHTY and the CRAFTY revolutionized the marked when they were launched in 2014 and are still the benchmark for every new device entering the market.

Storz-and-Bickel's most popular vaporizers include the Volcano, the Mighty, and the Crafty. The Volcano is a desktop vaporizer that uses a hot air convection heating system to vaporize dry herbs and concentrates. The Mighty and Crafty are portable vaporizers that use a combination of hot air convection and conduction heating.

Amazing Products by Storz & Bickel

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